imvuBLING Frequently Asked Questions

What is "bling"?

"bling" refers to IMVU's badges feature. These "bling" badges, as many users have started calling them, are created by users and can be gifted to other users. provides codes which facilitate the distribution of these badges. For more information on badges, see IMVU's Badges Page.

What can imvuBLING do for me?

imvuBLING is designed to make it easy for people to request your bling and make it easy for you to send your bling. It generates code snippets you can put on your pages to let people request your bling, stores the list of requests, and automates the process of sending the bling.

How do I use imvuBLING?

See the imvuBLING How To page.

Will imvuBLING send my bling instantly?

Not exactly. A program which instantly sends your bling requires your password to be stored on a server — and we don't EVER want to know your password!! will store a list of people who request your bling, and will allow you to send your bling to them all at once. You will need to click a button or two to make this happen, but it is much faster than copy and pasting names from a list, and safer than something that stores your password.

I don't need something to send the bling for me, but I would like something to collect a list of names. Can I use imvuBLING for that?

Yes. You can use the generated codes to let people request your bling, and then just use the list of names however you like.

I don't want my bling to go to just anyone… I want to choose who it is sent to. Can I do that with imvuBLING?

Not currently, but this feature is planned. You will be able to check off which avatars you do not want the bling sent to before activating the "blinger".

I have lots of different bling badges. Can imvuBLING generate a different code for each one, so people can request specific badges?

Not currently, but this feature is planned.